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DVD Kit Includes: 8 Piano Video Lessons With Sonny (Over 2 Hours of Instruction)

Sonny's Play Piano Instantly DVD Kit

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Sonny's Breathe, Relax, Flow & Enjoy Yourself PianoYoga Method!
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You won't believe how EASY, FUN & RELAXING it is to play piano using this approach! Combines Sonny's unique play piano by ear and piano improvisation techniques with elements of the piano chord method & Sonny's PianoYoga… breathing, relaxation, and stretching techniques & exercises SPECIFICALLY DESIGNED TO ENHANCE YOUR PIANO PLAYING ABILITIES & REDUCE PIANO PERFORMANCE ANXIETY!

Sonny's Piano Yoga For Playing Piano Instantly DVD Kit Includes:

-8 Piano Video Lessons
(Over 2 Hours of Instruction)

-Sonny's Piano Keyboard Instant Note Finder

-Sonny's PianoYoga Poster

-3 Hal Leonard E-Z Play Today
Sheet Music Piano Songs Songs

-10 Lesson Cards!

Available in DVD -or- Instant Streaming Access Format

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(plus $4.95 shipping)

learn piano dvd kit

learn piano videoWith little or even NO PIANO SHEET MUSIC you can instantly start playing piano chord patterns, piano blues lines, your own original piano music, new age piano music, show tunes for piano, piano pop songs, piano rock songs and piano jazz standards.

For everyone who always wanted to play piano but didn't have the time, or if you thought you didn't have the talent - This is for you. Instead of depending on learning piano music theory before you can play piano this method teaches you to immediately start playing the piano from your feelings and natural musical instincts. This is accomplished by teaching you some basic piano playing concepts and then showing you to see piano playing as a movement oriented activity.

This video will teach you how to relax and flow while playing the piano so you can find your own personal piano groove. You will also learn various piano chords and how to read a wonderfully easy new kind of piano sheet music created by Hal Leonard Music Publishers that relies on the piano chord method and simple chords you will learn in the video. The lessons are arranged so it is as if you are taking one on one private piano lessons with Sonny. They cover the same amount of material you would learn over the first two months of studying piano with Sonny.

Hear some of Sonny's students play piano using
Sonny's Natural Breathe, Relax, Flow and Enjoy Yourself method.
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What his students have to say about Sonny's Play Piano Instantly Method
(from a feature article published in Long Island’s Suffolk County News):

"I think the difference is that he teaches you a method that is [so] easy you can start to play real songs right away... I think it's the only way to go, you're up and running before you know it... When you're first learning, you're tense and his breathing helps you relax. We can all benefit from that."
Doctor Robert C. (Veterinarian).

" …Rachel G. a Long Island Musician & Orchestra Band Leader said “In addition to teaching me piano, Sonny showed me how to sing by incorporating meditation along with the diaphragmatic breathing techniques. He was the main factor in helping me get established in my own independent musical career. He has such a big heart, and I really feel that he taught me to be myself. He is an inspiration to me."

Kelly F., a busy mother of three, has been taking lessons with Sonny for nearly a year and thinks his easy method of learning to play is the perfect solution to her hectic schedule.

"I took lessons as a child, but had really forgotten how to read notes. Sonny had me playing real songs right from the first lesson… that sounds great! I love the E-Z Play Sheet Music and Sonny’s Piano Improvisation approach makes it perfect. Playing the piano is a terrific way to relieve stress, and I find myself using his breathing techniques as a way to relax even when I’m not playing the piano.”

Her 13-year-old daughter has also benefited from Sonny’s method. "This has done wonders for her self esteem- she has really embraced his whole concept of piano improvisation and loves to sit down and let the music flow. Her ability to produce beautiful music has given her a lot of confidence in herself”

piano lessons

Sonny encourages his students to improvise and go with the flow, play what they feel, and he believes everybody has it in them to play the piano. "The measure of success on the piano is not about how perfectly you play or how many tricks you know but rather how much happiness, enjoyment and satisfaction you derive from playing, that’s what really counts. Playing the piano is very relaxing, it's a kind of self-therapy. My approach very simply is about helping people become more fulfilled and satisfied human beings through playing the piano. And it works!"

hal leonard easy read

An Example of the Hal Leonard
E-Z Play Today Sheet Music!

Order The DVD Kit Today! Only $14.95!
(plus $4.95 shipping)

Sonny's Free PIANO PLAYING Tips:

An example of the kinds of information you'll get in the video kit.


When playing the piano, try taking some slow, steady, deep breaths. You will find your ability to concentrate and flow will instantly increase and you will also find immediate improvement in your velocity and eye-hand coordination. Try taking several slow, deep breaths when you first sit down at your piano before you play a note. This will help you to relax and reduce performance anxiety. Breathing is one of the most overlooked aspects of playing the piano. As with many other activities which require concentration and physical movement, there is a tendency for people to try too hard and tense up which restricts full respiration which reduces full range of motion in your hands and causes an uncomfortable, anxious feeling due to reduced circulation and CO2 build up. When Playing the Piano remember to Breathe... Relax... Flow... and Enjoy Yourself...



Many of us as children took piano lessons that we found boring and too mechanical which turned us off to the beauty, joy and health benefits playing the piano has to offer. Success is not measured by how fast or perfectly you play, but rather by how much happiness, joy and satisfaction playing the piano brings you. Today more and more people are rediscovering the piano as a more relaxed approach to learning and playing is taking hold. Remember when learning to play the piano: Breathe... Relax... Flow... and Enjoy Yourself...



It's not how much you know but how you use what you know... is an idea that very much applies to piano playing. You don't need a PhD in music theory to successfully play piano. If you learn some of the basic concepts of piano playing (especially the piano chord method and some piano improvisation techniques) and get in touch with your own inner musical flow you will be playing wonderful piano music in no time.


play piano video piano tips and lessons


Most of us would love to play the piano if it were easy... as easy as talking or taking a walk... WELL...

Piano playing is easy, fun, healthy, relaxing, enjoyable,
recreational, therapeutic, rejuvenating, calming...
And now EVERYONE can do it!
YOU can do it!

This new approach will enable you to play piano without the stress... without the hassle...
without even having to learn how to read music!
Through breathing, relaxing letting go and learning how to flow...
You will easily and instantly play the piano...
There is a natural river of music and creativity flowing through us all!
These Learn Piano Instantly Video Lessons will show you
how to connect with that river and easily express it musically on the piano...
They will show you how to connect with your natural musical instincts and
play intuitively with no sweat or strain...



Order The DVD Kit Today! Only $14.95!
(plus $4.95 shipping)

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